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INLINE skating

BeChronized provides Reliable & Affordable Sports Timing Solutions for Inline Skating.

Specialized in Transponder Timing Technology, we're able to offer you a complete Timing Solution
including Photo-finish systems according to your needs.


Please find below an introduction of our solutions for illustration purpose.

As every project is different, don't hesitate to contact us for a tailor made solution and quotation.


For Inline Skating races we use our Pro or Elite Decoder in combination of a stand-alone loop box and the ProActive Transponder.

The Decoder is the device which receives the transponder passing times to be further processed into our Timing Software installed on the Timekeeper’s computer. The stand-alone loop box is a timing line, the finish line.

All Inline Skaters have a ProActive Transponder attached to their ankle. Each Transponder has a unique code a.k.a. Transponder Number in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the finish line.


The Timing Software allows the management, processing, displaying and printing of your event on timing and results level.

Next to our Transponder Timing Solution we’re also able to provide you complementary products or solutions like a Photo-finish system or LED scoreboards or video walls.


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