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OUR solutions

BeChronized provides Reliable & Affordable Sports Timing Solutions for both Active Sports and Motorsports.

Intended for training or competition use, our systems serve local sports clubs, sports federations, event organizers, timekeepers, track owners and the athletes themselves all over the world.


Our transponder technology with its different transponder and decoder types is designed to
offer you a great flexible transponder system at affordable prices. 


All our transponders:

  • are programmable by yourself (choose the desire transponder number)

  • are equipped with an internal Lithium battery that requires no charging

  • are 100% sealed and waterproof

  • have a life expectancy of about 5 years

  • have a height detection up to 3 meters

Our range of decoders:

  • allows you to use several loops to the same decoder (wireless)

  • allows you to use several decoders to the same loop (backup + training)


Specialized in Transponder Timing Technology,

we're able to offer you complementary Timing or Scoring Solutions like Photo-finish systems or Scoreboards according to your needs.

In many sports different timing technologies are combined together to offer state of the art timing results. Accurate, reliable and fast timing results are the key words in our sport timing industry.


Over the years, we have developed in-house
timing software packages and have closed partnerships with companies specialized in timing software development area.


Our different timing software suites allow you to manage and process the collected race data in active and motorsports at your convenience. Printing the overall race ranking or by category, adjusting the printouts lay-out, displaying the results on an extra screen or LED scoreboard, uploading the results to the internet all belong to the possibility among many other functions.


You would like to use your own timing software?
No problem! We give the communication protocol of our system freely so that you can integrate our system into your own timing software.

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